Thursday, March 13, 2008

4 years ago today...

...Mike and I got married. Happy Anniversary to us.

Doesn't feel like 4 years...went by really fast. Been busy since almost 3 year old and one on the way. Wow. Looking at the pictures from our wedding make me wish we had it all to do over again. We had so much fun. All of our friends and family made it down to Daufuskie Island (perfect place for a cars allowed on the island!) Good memories. I love weddings...we used to have summers full of going to weddings/showers/bachelorettes, but no more. (Now its all baby showers/kids bday parties.) Most of our friends are married off now. Stinks since they're so much fun to go to.

We're heading out to dinner tonight (my mom is sitting for E). Should be nice to have a dinner without someone on my lap telling me she's done/wants to draw/watch TV/get ice cream/etc. etc.

I am 19 weeks today...almost halfway there. Getting bigger daily. See below.

Some happy belated birthday wishes to my inlaws (Kevin, Amy and Holly). All had birthdays this week. Hope you all had great ones.


Lauren said...

when do you find out what you're having? can't wait :)

Kate Parker said...

the 24th..soon!