Monday, March 3, 2008

Green Monster

Not talking about Wally, the Red Sox mascot, today. Nope, just feeling a bit jealous of everyone who is training hard, racing hard and feeling all those endorphins. I miss them. I miss the feeling of a hard morning swim followed by an hour long run or the feeling you get after a 5 hour bike ride or how you feel after any race that you pushed yourself.

You know it....the tired, but semi-invincible, proud of yourself feeling. I miss that.

I know that what I am feeling is just as awesome, different, but really, really cool in its own right.

The way that I think about it is that everyone takes their turn out. Be it from injury, work/family issues, burnout or pregnancy. You can't improve/push hard/train like crazy every season. Your body and mind demand time off....well, this year is my "time off". It's my turn to cheer on everyone else in 2008.

As it did the last pregnancy, it just made me appreciate a healthy body that can and is allowed to run, bike and swim until exhaustion all the more. I was sneaking out 2.5 weeks post partum for "runs" with Ella in her stroller and LOVING it.

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