Saturday, March 15, 2008

Change O'Plans

That's E's and Mike's "mad" face. We all have it on this morning.

8:15 AM
In the car heading up to Asheville to figure out where we want to put our house on the land. (We're building a vacation house up there.) We're all excited. E's psyched to swim in the hotel pool...I mean PSYCHED. She hasn't stopped talking about it since we told her last weekend. Mike and I are really excited to see the other houses in our neighborhood that have gone up and see our land for the first time since we bought it. We're looking forward to having a great meal in Asheville and just enjoying a day away.

Speeding along 85 in Braselton and E starts puking. Poor kid. She's crying and throwing up everywhere calling, "MOMMY!!!". Turn around....E and I head to Children's Healthcare and Mike is making the trip solo to Asheville. Pha-tooey.

Update -- E seems to be fine. Little stomach bug. Already downed 3 chicken nuggets and a lollipop. Mike's making sweet time sans wife and baby in the car. We're situated on the couch viewing "Toy Story" for the umpteenth time. So happy she's not sicker than this. I HATE stomach bugs. Hate them. Gimme strep or a cold any day instead of throwing up.

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