Thursday, March 20, 2008


Mike and I are forever working with E on this. Sometimes she's great, sometimes resistant....pretty typical almost 3 year old sharing skills. Well, it seems that she decided to share her stomach flu from this past weekend with me. Yipee. My second stomach flu during this pregnancy, as if I hadn't spent enough time throwing up already. :)

Not feeling great, but not incapacitated either. Trying to rest and take it easy today and fully recover for tomorrow when I am solo with E for the weekend. Mike, my dad, his dad, my brother in law and some more friends are continuing their annual tradition of heading to the closest first and second rounds of the NCAA bball tourney. Birmingham this year. They always have a blast.

20 weeks today. Halfway there! If I could fast forward to the end, I totally would. Just not a fan of this whole being pregnant thing. LOVE, love, love the result...but not the process.

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