Friday, March 28, 2008

More than halfway done!

21 weeks along now. So only 19 more to go....woo hoo!! Feeling a TON better since I got adjusted. Sheesh, a good chiropractor should be mandatory during pregnancy. What a help. I am not even sore today after running yesterday. What a change.

21 week pic. Belly is certainly starting to get "out to China" as MIke likes to say.

Big weekend around here. We're getting a visitor sometime tomorrow. The "paci fairy" is coming to collect all of Ella's pacifiers and replace them with a Thomas the Tank Engine toy. (That's what she asked for.) She's slightly addicted to her paci when she sleeps. However, she wakes up about 3 times a night because she can't find the thing....even though it is usually an inch from her nose. Mike's ready to sleep through the night (he gets up to replace lost pacis at night.) So, hopefully all goes well and she doesn't go crazy without the paci. I am nervous about it though...

Wish us luck!

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