Thursday, March 27, 2008

Running Again

Been avoiding my good friend, Mr. Treadmill, for the past week since the last time he and I met, he somehow pummeled my sacrum and low back to the point of not quite tears, but lots of whining and complaining to Mike. Every time I went to the gym, I'd look at him longingly, but not ready to be in pain for the rest of the day (and the following one, too.)

However, today, I was up for it. I had my amazing adjustment from Dr. Annie Banks (who herself is pregnant with complaining to her about low back pain kind of makes me feel like the biggest wimp ever.) and Lauren was there running next to me. Win win situation. Plus, I want to see how running feels since MIke and I head to Turks and Caicos in two weeks and I LOVE running on the beach. (Side note -- does anyone know if running on the beach is better suited for trail running shoes or regular running shoe? Post to comments if you've got any advice! I am thinking the sand is going to be packed for the most part.)

Run went well. 40 minutes of slogging it out. 6.2-6.3 mph is still pretty comfortable, but still really slow. Mike's going to drop my pregnant butt fast on vacation.


Justin said...

no shoes needed on beach run.

saw mike running at lunch the other day - it didn't look like he's capable of dropping even a pregnant woman ;)

Drago said...

I saw Mike running at lunch the other day too - I actually thought it WAS a pregnant woman and then I thought wow, that is a really old pregnant woman. And then I realized it was Mike.

Alicia Parr said...

Regular shoes for sand running. In fact, with the sand taking so much of the impact, the less shoe the better.

You're impressive running on the treadmill with the (lack of) speed staring you in the face. I'd rather run around on roads or trails and find out later just how slow I've been going.

A couple of people at the hypnobirthing seminar last night were talking up the value of chiropractic adjustments in pregnancy. Worth looking into, I suppose.

Kate Parker said...

Thanks, Alicia! I thought that the regular might be better, but wasn't sure.

The hynobirthing thing sounds really interesting...keep posting about it on your blog. Maybe I can soak up some good tips via the internet!