Monday, July 28, 2008


That's the word of the day today.

My first day semi-alone with the girls.

My mom did come by for a few hours to help (Thanks,'re awesome. I appreciate all the help. I know you don't think you're doing much, but entertaining E, as you well know, is a full time job!)

Day went pretty well. Alice had a doctor's appointment in the AM. (She's gaining the weight she lost back and her jaundice is better.)

Getting the three of us out of the door was a challenge. I assume this, like anything else, just takes time to get down to a science. Showering, feeding, changing diapers, dressing everyone took more time than I thought.

I was the rookie trying to figure out which kid should go in the car seat first? (Alice)

Should I carry just my purse with some diapers in it or go for the diaper bag solo or carry both? (went for both, but not a good idea....too much to carry.)

Stroller or no? (Opted out of this and just carried Alice in her car seat. I am not a fan of the whole stroller procedure. Takes too long and too much room.)

The most complicated thing so far is trying to time Alice's feedings (every two or so hours during the day and a little longer at night) around what we have to do and when we have to do it.

Mike just got home. Ahhh...more help. Yay.

But, all in all, a success!! Adjustment in progress....

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N.D. said...

It sounds like you are so calm about everything -which is awesome. I'm sure you will have everything down to an art soon enough! I went shopping today and I'm freaking out about not being captain somewhat small and athletic and in shape in a few months. Did you have any issues?