Friday, July 25, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Ahhh...we're home. Got home last night, they let me out a day early since Alice and I were doing fine. (Yahoo!) You get zero sleep in the hospital...someone is always coming in, turning the lights on, waking you up, taking blood, etc. SO nice to be at home and getting settled in.

Alice is doing great. Eating well and sleeping as well as can be expected. She's a little squeaker...always making some sort of noise. Mike and I took shifts in her room last night on the pullout. Seemed to work well. When you were "off" you got some sweet, uninterrupted sleep.

E's awesome. First thing out of her mouth this AM was "where's my baby sister?".

I had such a nice surprise yesterday at the hospital. My college roommate, Amanda, who lives in Indiana, just busts in the room at Northside. I was like.....WHAT are you doing here??? So nice to see her. She was in ATL for a meeting, missed her flight and Marta-ed it up to see us. Such a good friend. Thanks, made my day. :)

I am doing pretty well, physically. Hands and feet are swollen, but not too bad. Not too sore. Still looking 5 months pregnant now, but I am assuming all these PAINFUL cramps are doing their job to restore my uterus to normal size. Well, at least hoping they are. This is not a good look. :) I have heard that they are more painful the second time around. WOW. Sure are.

E and Alice


Anonymous said...

beautiful children you have

Lauren said...

Love Alice's hairdo :)