Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tweet, tweet

That's was me all weekend long. Nesting.

Apparently, the instinct to clean and organize is strong enough to overcome even my sometimes messy, somewhat pack rat-ish tendencies.

Fridge -- sparkling
Pantry -- a sight to see
Snack closet -- perfect OCD order (when I organize and clean, I go all out....label maker and all.)
Under our bed -- the 200 pieces of luggage hiding under there were dusted and and the vacuum actually met the rug
Linen closet -- Martha Stewart would be proud

Wow. Wish I had the energy/desire to clean like this all the time. Scratch that. There are about 10 jillion other things I'd rather do (most of the time) than clean. Although, it can feel good. Like today.

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