Saturday, July 19, 2008

Iheart Iphone

This might take the cake as my geekiest post ever.

I LOVE my iphone. I got it as a birthday gift from my family (thanks again!) last October. Loved it then when I just could get email and use the internet.

Just have to rave for a minute about the new Apps Store on Itunes that is so freaking cool.

I went a little nuts yesterday buying new apps for my old iphone.

A few that we got ---

Wooly Willy -- E can draw mustaches on pics of anyone in my iphone.

IMilk -- this is SO cool. Your phone looks like a glass of milk, no kidding. Shake it and it turns into whipped cream....shake some more and it becomes cheese. Drink from your iphone and it burps. Not a surprise, this is E's favorite part.

MLB App -- Scores/Video of great plays on here 5 minutes after it happens without having to connect to internet on phone. Obviously, I am a nice wife and got this for my crazed Red Sox fan of a husband.

Urbanspoon -- Restaurant finder. Figures out where you are via GPS. You shake the phone. It spins like a slot machine suggesting a nearby restaurant by type of cuisine/cost. You can change the settings and try to find a different kind of food, etc. They give you the address/phone number and reviews of the place. Very neat.

Alright, done geeking out.

Feeling pretty good here. Just trying to deal with my silly body these days. Still contracting. No real rhyme or reason or pattern to them. Just counting down the days until they induce me. I am about 99% sure that nothing is going to happen before then. (Well, that is what I tell myself since I can't deal with life for 2.5 more weeks of maybe I am going to have a baby today.....or maybe not.....or maybe? Yes, I think so. Yes, definitely. Not today.) Such a tease this baby is. :)

We saw "The Dark Night" last night. Yes, I know everyone is drooling over this movie. All I can say is that it was LONG. But, that is probably just the 9 month pregnant crazy lady talking. She doesn't like much these days.

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N.D. said...

that sounds like fun :)

Hope the baby surprises you and comes along early!