Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Giving birth, not sleeping, nursing (pretty much non-stop), taking care of a very energetic three year old and an infant can really wear you down.

I was expecting it to. It should. I should be frazzled, stressed, over-emotional and a little bit cuckoo.

I was with E.

But, I am not feeling that. (okay, I am sometimes a bit more stressy than normal.)

I am just feeling thankful.

Thankful I am not in the hospital with seizures (I was there the last time around with Ella.)

Thankful that our neighbors got us breakfast, dinner and mowed our lawn.

Thankful that my mom made us chicken marbella and meatballs and played in the Dora sprinkler with Ella.

Thankful to hear the love in Mike's voice when he talks to Alice.

Thankful for all the cards, gifts, emails, visits from friends and family to celebrate our new little girl.

Thankful for the meals from everyone....I love that I have not had to cook in a week. So helpful.

Thankful that I was able to run for a half an hour today.

Thankful that I am not pregnant anymore. I love, love, love Alice and Ella but not such a fan of the process of getting them here.

Mostly, just very thankful for our healthy little girls.


N.D. said...

Such a nice post. It is so good that you are feeling well! AND got in a half hour run (amazing!)

Michelle and Scott said...

Thanks for posting about your experience! I'm also a triathlete... 26 wks preg with my first...

Lauren said...

Hello!?! You know better than to run :) 6 weeks chica...you don't want your insides falling out. Your uterus needs to rest. I remember reading an article by Summer Sanders(Olympic swimmer) saying that she tried to run too soon and her insides feeling like they were going to fall out. Just the nurse in me...be careful.

Trisha said...

Hey Kate. Congrats on adorable little Alice. Sounds like you are a pro at this mom thing. I can't wait to meet her.