Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day One

We are all doing well today. Tired (more like exhausted) but so happy that Alice is here and she's healthy and I am as well.

Posted some more pictures below (on right in slideshow).

Alice is off in the nursery getting a test right now and Mike ran into work for a bit to take care of some things. Poor guy was not expecting to be taking off in July instead of August for this baby.

I am doing great. With E, I felt SO out of it. Had a ton of pain and was just overwhelmed. I feel physically SO much better this time around. I can't imagine that the 5 minutes of pushing I did was that taxing on me...I definitely feel a difference. It seems like a lot of the newborn care stuff is all coming back. (Phew!)

My mom and Ella are heading in to see us now....can't wait. I miss E a ton.

Can't wait to get home.

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N.D. said...

How come you think it was so much easier this time??
That's great! sounds like everyone is doing well. Congrats!