Monday, July 21, 2008

Full Term

Baby girl Parker (we actually think we might have a name, but we are forever changing our minds, so I will wait until she's here to let you all know. I am not one of those "keep the name shrouded in secrecy" people, we're just letting the name "marinate", I guess. See if it fits her when she gets here.) is finally full term. Phew.

Feels good to know if she came today she'd be fine, healthy and not destined for the NICU. As much as I like Lauren, I'd rather see her at the gym NOT taking care of my baby. Plus, now I feel I am allowed to do everything in my (meager) power to aid in her coming ASAP.

First on the docket -- running

I was imagining/hoping the pounding would break my water. No dice. Although, running for a minute is not long enough to break a sweat, much less a bag of water that's been there for 9 months. I am sure it was comical to watch the huge circus freak of a lady trying to run on the treadmill, then stopping after a full 60 seconds (I can't believe this is the same body that did an IM a year ago!!!)....then stretching...then limping....then slinking off and heading over to the mats to stretch...then enviously gazing at all these other people running SO easily....then jacking up "Over the Hills and Far Away" on her ipod to make her feel better...followed by a spin on the relatively pain-free stationary bike.

So, running is out. On to the next thing....


N.D. said...

Hahaha, this cracked me up! I can see myself doing the same thing and doing whatever I could to get the baby out of me. Hope it happens asap!

Anonymous said...

Can't eait to hear baby girl Parker's name!

Nat said...

Okay. Here are my secrets to having a baby before the due date) one 10 days earlier, one 17days)

Walk everyday for an hour, pushing jogger.

Get a pedicure. They massage your legs. I swear this works and even if it doesn't your toes will look nice. Also, get your hair highlighted. Because really, with 2 when will you have the time.

Last trick is to get your husband on a strict sex regime. Twice a day is ideal but once will do.

Good luck.