Wednesday, July 2, 2008

For the memories

Just so I remember....this post is about what being 35 weeks pregnant feels like. I want to remember since I forgot what it felt like with Ella and (I think) I am not going to do this again. In the scheme of things....this time is pretty special and so fleeting, so I want to try to remember how things feel.

Good stuff
People are nicer to you than when you're not pregnant. They smile at you a lot more...make conversation easier (i.e. when are you due? what are you having?) I like that.

People congratulate me on just being at the gym these days. They have no idea how weak my workouts (30-40 minutes of cardio and some lifting are about it for now) are....but they think it is great I am there. Pretty cool.

The anticipation is exciting. We're waiting to meet our little girl...that is so cool. She's in my tummy, kicking around, just waiting to show us what she's like. I can't wait to meet her. I love getting her room ready, washing her clothes...makes it all seem so real.

I rarely feel guilty about what I eat. If I want something these days, I will pretty much eat it. Not true when I am not pregnant, I am fairly strict about what I eat then. "Back on the wagon" so to speak after this little one comes, so I am making the most of these last few weeks.

Her kicks. They're cool. I like feeling her in there moving around. I love when Ella can feel her moving...she usually shouts "AGAIN!" right after.

And the not so good stuff...

Peeing. All. the. Time.
I am so over this. I really hate public bathrooms (so dirty) and try to avoid them when I 35 weeks pregnant? No avoiding those germfests and most of the time I have "Touch Everything" Ella with me to compound the diseases I imagine we're getting. (Along with her commentary, "Mommy -- you going pee pee? Yay! Good pee pee, Mommy!)

The pregnancy waddle. I have it and bad. I look like a penguin especially after getting up from sitting down at the end of the day.

Wearing the same thing most every day. I can't wait to get back into some cute clothes. Black pants and a tee shirt has been my uni for the past um, 9 months or so and I am getting bored with myself. I was at All3Sports yesterday dropping off Mike's bike and drooling over the cute bathing suits, racing kits and running stuff....and that's just workout stuff! Once I am back to my normal size, Athleta and Title Nine better watch out. I might just buy out the whole store. :) BTW -- I am BURNING my maternity clothes....or throwing them out the window. I never want to see them again.

Sleepy Joe. That's me. I can't wait to get back my normal level of energy. Some days it is there. Some days....not so much. Today is pretty good.

Putting on pants/socks/shoes with ease. You take this for granted, don't you? Me? I fall over, grunt, have to sit down and balance to do these normally easy tasks.

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JP said...

I am with you 100% and I have two more weeks left than you! I'm so desperate to get out of PG clothing, I was excited about buying sports bra's yesterday! And don't you just love the toddler "potty-play-by-play" in the public restrooms! Hang in there, we're in the home stretch!