Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day Three

Looks like we've got ourselves a really lazy kid here.

She sleeps. A lot.

We know how this works though. They like to lull you into this false sense of "Oh yeah...we've got a handle on this baby thing" for about 2 weeks with all their sleeping....then they WAKE UP. By wake up, I mean screaming, crying, most notably NOT SLEEPING.

For now though, we're enjoying it. The calm before the storm, so to speak....

Little Alice is a little jaundiced. Had to take her down to Northside this AM to get her bilirubin level checked. No worse than yesterday, so we just need to take her back in Monday. She was looking a little yellow.

Mike and I are good...little tired, but managing fine. I am excited to be feeling so good physically....hoping to take E for a walk in the neighborhood hills later after Daddy does some crossfit. (Mike's officially retired from triathlon now....although I am not ruling out a Favre-esque comeback sometime in the future.)

E, her lollipop and a sleepy Alice.


N.D. said...

Hmm, so how do you think the 3 weeks early thing worked?? I want that to happen to me!!!
Any tips would be appreciated!

Kate Parker said...

no idea! maybe the working out helped? not sure....seems like they com when they're ready. :)

N.D. said...

That's great that she came early! I bet you are so happy!

I am 10 weeks, 1st one and freaking out about the whole weight gain and possible stop and definite slow to running. Your post when you went running for a minute cracked me up!!!

It is very promising to me that you feel so well but also it is your second, so I probably can't expect it to be that good!

When is your next Ironman planned for?

The Chapples said...

N.D., this is my first pregnancy (27 weeks now) and it's been super easy. I had to stop running for a couple of weeks because of pelvic pain, but am back at it. Yes, it's slower, but no biggie. The weight gain comes, but I find that most of my runner/triatlete friends bounce back quickly (and most seem to be faster and stronger than ever afterwards!). I've gained just 15 pounds so far and eat A LOT! Try not to let that aspect of it worry you. Just enjoy creating a little life!

Kate Parker said...

Agreeed! I think you gain what you gain....I gained the same this pregnancy as last one. It comes off....esp. if you care about it and work for it. Although not as soon as we'd like. (Like NOW, please!!)

TriBunny said...

Kate & Mike -- How exciting. Congratulations on the new addition to the fam ;) Welcome to the world little Alice. It's a pretty nice place. Lee & I are so happy for you.