Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Groundhog Day?

That's what yesterday...and some of today feels like.

The movie, not the holiday with the rodent.

Quick recap.

Monday -- at Northside with contractions every 7 minutes. Shot of brethine to stop them. Kind of works, kind of doesn't. Head home having some more, but not as bad as before. Either way, these contractions are NOT dilating me any further than the centimeter that I am already dilated as of last Thursday.

Tuesday -- Normal day. Felt ehhh....but still made it through even stopping off at the pool with E for an hour and a half to swim. Head out to dinner with my mom and dad (who just happened to stop by on his way up to see my brother in Michigan). Taco Mac....good stuff. Start timing my contractions at dinner since they're hurting again. 7 minutes 5 minutes apart....head 3 minutes apart. Call Mike who is at a work dinner at Rathbuns (slightly different from Taco Mac, huh?) just to give him a heads up since he's all the way downtown.

Don't feel like it, but call the doc. They say come on in again. Ugh. Go in. Get another shot. Stops the ctx for an hour and then they're right back at about every 4 minutes. Gotta be in labor now, right? Um, nope! Cervix is still 1 cm. Stay overnight. Have ctx all night long, but sleep pretty well thanks to the wonder drug Ambien. (Wow. That stuff is strong.) They check me again this morning and STILL not dilating any further.

Apparently, I just like to have contractions that don't do anything. My OB said I can expect the same thing until I actually go into labor (when and how I am going to differentiate between what I had last night and real labor, you got me. I was hurting!).

They're not going to try and stop them anymore, but won't help them (induce) either until 39 weeks. So, I am stuck here for now. Contracting and pissed off about it.

Kind of sucks. I am DID (down in the dumps) ever since I got home from Northside. Feel like I cried wolf two times now...interrupted and inconvenienced a lot of my family (my mom and dad stayed at the house last night with E) Mike missed work today and Monday and all for my stupid non-labor producing contractions (lazy mf-ers). Also, I feel like a dope that I didn't know that they weren't "real" since I am not dilating any more.

Oh well, you can bet your a$$ I am not going down to Northside again (1) I am induced or (2) a baby falls out.


Lauren said...

I'm surprised you're not dilating with them being so painful. That is yucky :( You definitely did the right thing by going in, however. I seriously doubt Mike wants to deliver a baby :)

N.D. said...

Wow. That's frustrating. It is not your fault, who knows what is going to happen, you are playing it safe and I would too! But I think that I would feel the same way - your last sentence. That cracked me up. Hang in there! I hope (2) a baby falls out- happens soon!

Drago said...

If Mike delivered the baby he would gain a little respect back from Drago which was lost after the shoeless guy passed him on the run.

Heather said...

Sorry to hear!