Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back to normal...

...or at least trying to mimic it around here. Doing my best to (1) stop complaining about contracting. It does nothing to ease them and I am boring myself (2) just ignore them....well, the best that I can.

Yeah, they hurt.

Yeah, they happen a lot.

But, that's life. Or at least, that is MY life today. My body likes to do this. Deal with it. Nothing I can do about it. I can't complain and whine labor to start (if THAT were the case....the baby would be here already.) :)

Normal routine it is from here on out.

E and I hit our usual spots today. Gym, Publix, heading to the pool in a minute.

Feels much better than being pi$$ed off at my uterus all day yesterday. I think I just needed a day for that though. I am over it now.

It was nice to use my watch to time my workout instead of a contraction for the first time all week.

Here I am smile on my face and all. Belly certainly LOOKS ready for a baby to come!


N.D. said...

You're so tiny and you look so cute with the basketball on your front! I hope it happens ASAP!! I can't imagine the waiting period, I am so impatient!

N.D. said...

P.S. I never wanted to be pregnant in summer for fear I would be sweating my A$$ off.. is it uncomfortable?

Mimi said...

where's your trusty companion?

The Chapples said...

Just stumbled upon your blog...lots in common! I am 26 weeks pregnant and also raced CDA in 2007. Looks like I finished 3 minutes ahead of you! How funny! Good luck with the lats little bit of your pregnancy!


Nat said...

Kate, I feel for you. I've been lurking here reading your blog for awhile now and it is like deja vu for me reading your blog. (well except the ironman part.)

I have to tell you; you are me 5 years ago.

I was due with Beau Aug 12th. At 35wks I started having contrax everyday. But I was dilating. From 35-37 wks I slowly dialted and effaced to 4cm/100 %. That last week I was taking Benedrayl every night just to get some sleep. But I was contracting every 7-15 minutes throughout the day, all day. It was exhausting!

Finally 17 days before my due date they induced me. Luckily, I had made it another cm to 5 by the time they started the pitocin.

By that point labor was a relief!

But so yeah I know it sucks to walk around all day contracting in the middle of an Atlanta summer for weeks while chasing around your 2 yr old.

You look great though!

And if it makes you feel better I was back running a week after he was born.

PS. Like you I also had preeclampsia with my first but not with the 2nd.

Kate Parker said...

Wow. Does sound familiar! Funny.

I agree with labor sounding like relief feeling right now. Who would have EVER thought that? Ugh.