Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sticky Fingers

Isn't that the name of a Rolling Stones album? Not 100% sure...Mike would totally know that...and all the songs on it...and have seen them perform it live four times.

Either way....I've got sticky fingers right now. Sticking to the keys. Being crafty today and spray adhesive is all over my fingers, some of the computer and most of the kitchen table. I FINALLY got around to making a shadow box from IM CDA that was over a year ago. I guess better late than never, huh?

E and I Hobby Lobby-ed it hard today. That store rocks....so cheap.

We started our craftiness with a special present that we made for Daddy to wish him good luck in his race this weekend. (Chattanooga Oly) and then I followed it up with the totally forgotten intentions of making a shadow box of all the cool stuff from my IM (numbers, nice postcards, arm band, etc) that I didn't want to throw out.


Baby and I are doing well. Coming up on 36 weeks soon....that would officially make me 9 months pregnant. Whoa. I could do without my tee shirts (that all seemed to fit a week ago!) riding up and showing my huge, white belly all day long and maybe we could lose the 24 urine collection that I am so NOT excited to do tomorrow, but no complaints out of me. Nope, none at all.

E had her long-delayed-by-a-lazy-mom 3 year check up yesterday. She's great. 75% for height and weight and still hating the doctor. Poor kid did NOT enjoy her shot...however, she has enjoyed telling everyone about it today and showing off her "Dora Bambaid".

E and I in the Garbage Can on Wheels aka my Honda Pilot tooling around Roswell this AM.

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Joe Reger said...

Garbage Can on Wheels?!? Me thinks my minivan is the real GCoW!