Monday, July 14, 2008


Interesting day here.

Woke up around 3:30am with tons of cramping and some not so fun contractions. That, along with a huge tree that fell down in our neighbors yard (that paranoid me assumed was someone trying to rob us) kept me up.....and I woke up Mike, too. I was getting a little nervous.$ I in labor? I am SO not ready for this. The car seat is full of cobwebs in the garage for Pete's sake!

Take some Tylenol. Manage to fall back to sleep.

Ella wake up call "Mommy want to play tic-tac-toe?".
Still feeling pretty painful contractions/cramping.

Call Doc....just to check to see what is going on. 9:00AM Just not feeling right. Better safe than sorry, right?

11:45 Get call back. Am told to head over to Labor & Delivery to see what is going on.

1:30 Hooked up to the monitors. Ctx are really not joking around now. Have to close my eyes through them. OW. Seem to be having one around every 7 minutes or so.....get a shot of Brethine to stop them.

Ow. That burns. And makes me feel like I just drank 3000 cups of coffee (or so I imagine. Coffee is gross.) Jittery and heart is beating fast.

4:45 Have 3 more ctx. Cramping is better though. Not dilating any more than I was last week --1 cm. Good stuff. Sent me home.

Guess I just have to keep an eye on them and see if they get any worse. Seem to be abating now....just had 2 more in the past half hour or so, but they didn't hurt nearly as much as they had before.

All I could think about in L&D was brownies. I really wanted to bake some brownies. Strange, right. We stopped off at Publix to get dinner and some brownie mix. Yum.


N.D. said...

Geesh, sounds like a crazy day! Were you kind of hoping it was time?
Yum- the brownies sound delcious!!
Hope you are feeling ok!

Kate Parker said...

Thanks! Was really just hoping to go home....want to let her "cook" for at least another week! :)

Heather said...

Oh no! Sounds rough, glad they were able to get it to stop!