Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Joe definitely takes top prize in the GCOW (garbage can on wheels) contest.

Oh, you weren't aware there was one?

Entry is easy.

Buy a car.
Have some kids.
Let said kids ride in car...and eat/poop/litter.
Take up a messy hobby (triathlon is highly recommended. Lots of paraphernalia and even more dirt.) But any legitimate messy interest will do.
Last step...
Don't clean car. Ever. Even when your significant other calls you "gross". Especially then.


Check out how awesome Joe is doing here. I've certainly got my work cut out for me. My two inches of goldfish/raisin sludge on my floor mats just aren't cutting it anymore.

1 comment:

Joe Reger said...

Goldfish and raisins is a mighty feat in the Atlanta heat. You may just get yourself an honorary GCoW bumper sticker... as long as you don't succumb to the desire to clean. But, hey, who am I kidding... you've got one rugrat and another on the way (very soon... great mommy blogging, btw.) Nesting syndrome aside, you won't be cleaning (or sleeping) for months! Long live GCoW!